Ásgeir Ásgeirsson


Guitarist, multi-string instrumentalist and composer Asgeir Asgeirsson was born and raised in Kopavogur, Iceland. Asgeir studied music in Iceland andAmsterdam, Netherlands, focusing on jazz and pop music.

In the last 12 years Asgeir has studied the music tradition of Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece and studied the oud, bouzouki and tamboura.

He has released five CDs to date, two with original jazz compositions and three featuring Icelandic folksongs. In 2017 Asgeir released ‘Two Sides of Europe’ with his arrangements of Icelandic folksongs in collaboration with Yurdal Tokcan, Göksel Baktagir, and some of Turkey’s finest musicians.

In 2018 Asgeir released ‘Travelling Through Cultures’ in collaboration with Bulgarian accordion virtuoso Borislav Zgurovski.

In 2020 Asgeir released the latest CD of Icelandic folksongs, ‘Persian Path’ in collaboration with musicians from Iran led by Hamid Khansari.

Asgeir has featured on over hundred records in Iceland and toured Europe with various projects.