Brek is a new band that was formed in the autumn of 2018. The members of the band have since then tried to find their right sound and gave themselves time for that work. The emphasis is on combining the various influences from different styles of folk and popular music. The band also tries to find new and exciting ways to use the instruments to create a catchy and comfortable atmosphere, but also challenging.

The band’s songs are sung in Icelandic, but it emphasizes the use of diverse wording and thus utilizes the large and beautiful vocabulary that Icelandic has to offer. The band’s songs draw their inspiration from Icelandic nature and weather conditions, among other things. The influence of the music comes from various sources, but Brek wants to try to weave them together into their world of sound and thus try to break down walls between genres as well as to connect the Icelandic folk heritage with other types of folk music.

Icelandic lyrics and voices mixed with the interplay of rhythmic and dynamic dialogue of the instruments are used by Brek to drive the music forward.