‘An uncompromising vision shall always divide opinion, for such is the unswerving conviction evident in the creation itself.’ 

‘There are no words in the English language to describe The Captain, he was born to be an entertainer, perhaps even a prophet, watching his show is a life altering experience. The Huffington Post

Cinemascopic, epic, extraordinary, the Captain is a superstar’Tom Robinson BBC6 Music

The Captain is not just the figurehead of his musical vessel: he’s ringmaster; bard; troubadour; master of ceremonies and sage. The highly immersive ‘folk-opera’ shows range from the solo guise of a one man musical to the more lavish expanded sound when accompanied by classically trained  accordion alchemist, Muzwell The Mute. The one constant that remains is a Captain show is a promenade performance, engaging the audience in close up encounters as well as using the scope of the stage. It’s never the same experience twice.

With one leg in early 20th Century vaudeville and the other in tomorrow’s social commentary, there’s far more to him and his absurdly engaging world than any of your ten-a-penny musical stars. Seen through showers of glitter, kaleidoscopic lens flares and in the rainbows in a million puddles, Captain Of The Lost Waves tells stories to connect with everyone past, present and future.

He is the kind of ebullient storyteller you might imagine flitted from village to village in centuries past, taking his show to audiences who are transported aboard his mystical, wide ranging, sonic voyages.