Christina Martin is a powerhouse. She has won numerous awards and critical acclaim for her soaring vocals, masterful lyrics and electric performances. Her music blurs the lines between pop, rock and roots. It is both cinematic grandeur and intimate refuge. Christina began recording her own music while slogging it out on the Austin, Texas bar scene. She has been relentlessly recording and touring in Canada and in the UK and Europe, building connections at venues big and small, singing son gs about loss, love and perseverance.

Her songs have been featured in films and television, and she ’s performed at music festivals around the world (Ottawa Bluesfest, Area 506 Festival, Rolling Stone Weekender Festival, Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festiv al, Folk Alliance International and Reeperbahn Festival). With the global pandemic restrictions affecting tour dates, Martin immediately shifted her focus to growing her Patreon community and launching her online ‘ Denim Series ’ on Facebook and Instagram, a llowing her to work more from her home in rural Nova Scotia.

“ Everything she does is just so good, and if it ’ s possible, it just keeps getting better … . I kind of envision Christina, as a female Roy Orbison meets Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders … all that power and the passion. ” – CBC Saint John’s