DANTCHEV:DOMAIN combines strong cinematic melodies and tight Bulgarian rhythms with life-long stories. The Helsinki-based international band, led by Anna-Dantchev, a Finnish-Bulgarian singer and composer, moves along with Dantchev’s compositions in the midst of Bulgarian traditional music aesthetics as well as elements from jazz and blues. Also known as the Bulgarian Voice from Finland, Anna Dantchev is a charismatic and multi-faceted singer whose deeply emotional voice takes the audience to life stories. It has been said that her voice is captivating and strong. “Say it” debut album, was released May 1st 2020 by Glomama Music.

The album highlights the musical language of the Finnish Bulgarian as part of Finnish multilayered culture. The album climbed to #19 in WMCE June 2020 edition, and was a top-ten in Roots Report Music weekly world music charts, for several consecutive weeks.

The album and the music of DANTCHEV:DOMAIN has met with good impressions and positive personal contacts from all over the world both from media and fellow global musicians. The album has been plaid in several radio shows in several countries around the world. The music of the band, which pulsates with tradition, also relies smoothly on today’s musical language.

The musicians in the band are all well known in Finnish world music, jazz and rock scenes. Erno Haukkala (FI): trombone, sousaphone, Kenneth Ojutkangas (FI/US): guitar, tuba, Antti-Pekka Rissanen (FI): drums, Joao Luis (PT): vibraphone, percussion, Anna Dantchev (FI/BG): vocal, tupan-drum.


“Say It painstakingly places and moves sounds about to express a mood, a feeling, a memory, like the pieces on a chessboard, locked in harmony instead of battle. Dantchev’s compositions, her vocals, and arrangements combine to craft an audio memoire using intriguing instrumentation, that creates a sometimes solemn and martial sound defined by the deep brass of sousaphone, tuba and trombone. Dantchev’s voice, too, is brassy and round with a slight bell-ringing vibrato.”(Rootsworld/ Carolina Amoruso)

“this is a glimpse into Dantchev’s heart and soul bringing a longing for the listener to experience this music live.”(Songlines #159/ Finona Talkington)

“A wide palette of beautiful chants, supported by exceptionally beautiful instrumental arrangements. Sometimes cinematic, sometimes rock-hard, sometimes dreamy, but always very melodic.” (Rootstime, BE)

“With their mixture of Balkan folk, Scandinavian jazz and western rock, DANTCHEV:DOMAIN has a unique sound which leaves a big impression.” (Popmagazineheaven, NL)

“DANTCHEV:DOMAIN is a quintet from Helsinki with great experimental desire (…) The instrumentation is rich, especially on the blowing side (…) The beautiful ballad ‘My love’ highlights Anna’s clear, soulful vibrato.” (Lira Musikmagazin, SE)

“Dantchev’s voice is unique: the technique with its wild vibratos and ‘crowings’ is in possession, but more important than the technique is the feeling that we are now going with full speed without safety ropes and embellishment. The freshness and limitlessness of the music is also emphasised by the band whose instrumentation is exceptional.” (Kansanmusiikki, FI)

“Dantchev ties many styles into a strong whole (…) Overall, the album is a skilfully structured whole which, with its outward-facing approach, is easy to grasp.” (HBL levyarviosta, FI)

“The dark-toned instrumentation and Dantchev’s strong voice are at their best when accompanied by the sheer dose of drama found on the album. (…) As a music made in Finland, this has its own interesting nuance.” (Jazzpossu, FI)

“Especially the wind players and the guitarist blow you completely off the socks. (…) If anyone still dares to whine about a failed multicultural society, let him or her hear this wonder of world fusion, because this kind of magical music can only arise when cultures meet and talk to each other, in this case musically. Then you get a sublime masterpiece like this.” (Moors Magazine, NL)

“The band’s warm sound and ability to make soft turns, even in seemingly tight arrangement curves, is great to listen to. ‘My Happy Song’, which introduces a more electric band sound, and ‘Oh Male’, which surprisingly throws a jazzy sound, are examples of a seamless collaboration between a vocalist and a band.” (Desibeli, FI)

“But when Dantchev opens her mouth, it doesn’t remain unclear who is the reigning queen of the record. Her singing is a great combination of Bulgarian ethno techniques, folk sensitivity, jazz nuances and a sense of blues along the record. The dark-toned voice is very strong and expressive. Without mumbling, one believes every word from this singer.” (Suomijazz, FI)

“An entity that is surprisingly multifaceted and free-breathing.” (Maailman Kuvalehti, FI)







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