El Pony Pisador


El Pony Pisador is a five-piece group from Barcelona that mixes folk and traditional music from all over the world in perfect balance between virtuosity and a sense of humor.

In their live shows, El Pony Pisador will bring you joy by effortlessly playing super fast tunes and singing tight vocal harmonies while making jokes and making everyone have a great time.

They are the first spanish group ever to sing sea shanties and play live in international festivals. They also have explored sounds as yodeling (having written the first yodel song in their mother tongue Catalan) and tuvan throat-singing (being the first spanish group to ever record a song featuring them).

In El Pony Pisador’s music you will find sounds from different regions, original songs and adaptations of traditional music, and various folk instruments. Their albums are rich and varied and will please the most experienced ears as anyone who is discovering folk music.

El Pony Pisador som un grup de cinc joves de Barcelona que mescla músiques tradicionals d’arreu del món amb un estil viu i desenfadat, però treballat amb cura.

El bon humor del Pony Pisador és contagiós: els nostres espectacles són variats i imprevisibles, perquè entre riures i bromes amb el públic, a cada concert passen coses que ningú esperava.

Ens agraden la música tradicional celta i les cançons marineres, però als nostres discos i concerts hi trobareu sons de molts indrets diferents. Aprofundim en la música que descobrim per tal que agradi tant les persones que la senten per primer cop com a les que en són expertes.