Joy Clark



Joy Clark is a New Orleans singer-songwriter, lyrical guitarist and composer who creates soulful original compositions that celebrate peace and the undeniable power of love. Her intricate rhythms and warm melodies reveal a sweet vulnerability that enchants her audiences around the world. Like so many other artists in New Orleans, Joy’s first stage was in church. Growing up the daughter of a minister, she learned to create an atmosphere ripe for an emotional experience. So it’s no wonder she believes music is her ministry and intimacy is her superpower. Joy’s melodic offerings are a healing balm to an anxious heart. Each song welcomes the close listener in with open arms– always beckoning truth, authenticity and the courage to tell one’s story. The Bootdotcom says “Joy’s music is rhythmic like the pull of the tide.” Her latest single Good Thing beautifully captures her craft and depth of her artistry, and musicianship, and has garnered radio play along with an official video debut with DittyTv. 2022 has brought beautiful beginnings for Joy, and she looks forward to new releases soon.