Karl Seglem is one of Norway´s foremost and most regarded musicians, composers, poets. He is an accomplished tenor sax player, and for over 20 years he has been playing different goat horns. An instrument from a milenar tradition, a sound from the past. His music has a broad aesthetic spectrum going from the most serious folk tradition to the most engaged rocking freeform sounds. Seglem is a great “traveller”, a sign that he is also looking beyond the special Norwegian hardanger fiddle traditions he´s been working with, to expand his music. Seglem is obviously a musician who looks for new experiences and who believes in the universal power of communication that music provides: “you can think about this as a cliché, but it’s also true”.

“Perhaps more than any other Norwegian musician, including Jan Garbarek, Karl Seglem has been succesful in working towards a confluence of the strong folkloric traditions of Norway and jazz” – Jazzwise, UK

“Karl is such an imaginative musician. I love the way his music makes me feel I’m in a smokey jazz cafe one minute, and a deserted valley the next. Truly haunting and innovative.” – BBC Radio 3