Fuelled by a passion for social justice, folklore, and feminism, Edinburgh based folk-pop singer songwriter Kim Edgar crafts keenly observed details of people’s lives into “imaginatively and beautifully crafted songs” (Maverick) that reach out and touch listeners.

Emotion and connection are at the heart of this Edinburgh-based pianist and songwriter’s work: through observed and lived experiences, Kim ponders what it is to be human, creating stories told with honesty and empathy that open hearts, minds and discussions. Her intensity and intimacy in performance have also attracted glowing reviews.

“Heart stopping…our very own Tori Amos” (Sunday Herald)
“Intense and thought provoking” (The List)
“Very moving, literate, allusive and expressively sung” * * * * * (Scotland On Sunday)

With four critically acclaimed solo albums under her belt, Kim has been described as “an example of everything that’s great about contemporary music” and “probably one of the best songwriters in Britain today.” * * * * * (Spiral Earth). Kim’s latest album, Held (2020), considers grief, addiction, and solidarity, and offers a musical hug for anyone who’s struggling at the moment.

One eighth of the The Burns Unit collective (which included Karine Polwart, King Creosote and Emma Pollock), Kim currently shares her songs while touring extensively as a member of folk band, CARA ( Described as “strangely uplifting, despite the well – phrased, sombre lyrics” and “a comfort blanket for the disillusioned soul” (The BIG Issue), Kim’s songs capture distilled emotions, which increasingly wide audiences across the UK, and beyond, are identifying with and responding to.








Date: February 23rd
Time: 18.30 – 19.30 PM (CT)
Showcase: Folk Unlocked Private Showcase by Kim Edgar

Date: February 23rd
Time: 22:50 – 23:10 PM (CT)
Showcase: Kim Edgar @ Showcase Scotland Expo

Date: February 25rd
Time: 22:50 – 23:10 PM (CT)
Showcase: Kim Edgar @ Showcase Scotland Expo

Date: February 26th
Time: 15:30PM-18:30PM (CT)
Showcase: Global Music Marathon

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