Marité K


Marie Thérèse Ntumba Kabutakapua, aka MariTé K, was born in Rome in January 1984.

Gen Rosso calls her to Japan at the age of 16 to like solo singer , MariTé realizes that Music will also be the fulcrum of her Future Life on a professional level.

‘Night for Women’ was born precisely in this context as a musical festival Artistically directed by MariTé, with the aim, through the participation of numerous artists on the stage, to raise funds to promote the Literacy of Congolese women Victims of Sexual Violence used as a war weapon.

‘La Bella e la Voce’ and ‘Incanto Award’ are just two examples of the numerous competitions in which MariTé triumphs.

And the time is ripe for the first album, Soul Nacked.

Despite her young age, MariTé K in her career can already boast very important collaborations: the one with Cheryl Porter at the head of ita all, a great American interpreter who collaborates in turn with artists of national and international fame such as Zucchero Fornaciari, Mariah Carey, etc., last work as interpreter in the most recent ‘The Lion King’

The 2017 Christmas Cowardly MariTé K has the Great Honor of Performing in the Vatican, in the Paul VI Hall, for Pope Francis, together with Cheryl Poter & Hallelujah Gospel Singers, alongside artists such as Imany, Noa, Annie Lennox, Patty Smith, Evia , Alex Britti, Al Bano, Enrico Ruggeri, etc.

Again Voce di Zucchero Fornaciari with Hallelujah Gospel Singers and Cheryl Porter and Protagonist of Edicola Fiore, defined by Fiorello as the ‘Great Voice Soul’.






Marité K