MASCARIMIRI – is a bright star on the Pizzica Pizzica sky, able to shine not only in the Italian context but also into the international one.

This thanks to the unique and original sound, the result of more than 20 years of “Tradinnovazione” – the idea of electro world music par excellence created by Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti, the musician and producer with Roma Salentino origins, leader and founder of the band since 1998.

The MASCARIMIRI project, born in a Salento not yet touristic, has always been at the forefront of sound experimentation – is the synonym of union between tradition and innovation with a powerful and engaging sound, enriched by the sounds of the whole Mediterranean area and gypsy vibe.

Today the sound of MASCARIMIRI is mature, always innovative, with a deep knowledge of its roots and an unmistakable international identity.

With ten studio albums and first-rate concert activity, Mascarimiri is rewriting the tradition since over 20 years and remains the most innovative band among Pizzica Pizzica Salentina groups.

In June 2020 was released “NOU?” – the new Mascarimiri concept album, all to dance and reflect. 11th in discography, all strictly in Salento dialect – the trademark of all Claudio Giagnotti’s works.

The Mascarimiri band is now working on the new album “ELETTRO MASCARIMIRI – MUSIC FOR DANCING“ to be released in 2021.

In 2020 Mascarimiri was one of the partecipant of the first edition of Global Music Match project.

The group performed in Australia, USA, China, Tunisia, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Malta and participated at the

Carnevale di Adelaide (Australia), El Jam Festival TD 21 (Tunisia), Istituto di Cultura Italiano Pechino (China), Skrzyżownaie Kultur Festival Varsavia (Poland), Fira de Manresa (Span), Womex Off – Salonicco (Greece), Weare in Puglia – Dublino (Irland), Sziget Festival – Budapest (Hungary), Festa della Musica – Parigi (France), Festival Le Bal Rital – Parigi (France), Festival Estivada – Rodez (France), Festival des Langues & Cultures Minorisées e Latcho Divano – Marsiglia (France), Festival Total Festum – Nimes (France), Nuit Metis – (France), Les 27émes Musicales de Bastia – (France), Festival Nuits Atypiques – Langon (France), Festival Notte Della Taranta – Melpignano (Italy), Womad – Palermo (Italy), Cous Cous Festival – Trapani (Italy), Villa Ada Festival – Roma (Italy), Extra Festa – Milano (Italy), Taranta Power – Caulonia (Italy), Biennale Musica – Venezia (Italy), Auditorium Parco della Musica – Roma(Italy), Medimex – Bari(Italy), Ariano Folk Festival – Ariano Irpino (Italy), Focara Festival – Novoli (Italy), Carpino Folk Festival – Carpino(Italy), Firenze Festival del Popoli (Italy), Festival Botanique – Bologna (Italy), Festival Ballati! – Muro Leccese (Italy), Welcome in Tziganie (France), Couleurs du Monde Festival – Langonnet (France), Gypsy Lyon Festival (France), Taranta Sicily Fest (Italy), Meditarrean Diet Fair – Tavira (Portugal), Paleo Festival – Nyon (Swiss), La Jeunesses Musicales Festival (Belgium), South By Southwest Festival SXSW – Austin (USA), From preistoric to vinyl – La Valletta (Malta)


In recent years the band has differentiated into an intense work of musical productions: Gitanistan (2011); Tam! (2014); Pizzica Dance Hall Party (2016); Punk D’Amore (2017) – the works that have seen important collaborations including for example: Dj Click (FR), Papet J (Massilia Sound System – FR), Suggs Mc Pherson (Madness – ENG).









Date: February 23th
Time: 18:30 – 19:30 PM (CT)
Showcase: MASCARIMIRI – NOU? Show

Date: February 26th
Time: 15:30PM-18:30PM (CT)
Showcase: Global Music Marathon

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