Monique Clare



With just her voice, four strings and a cello bow, Monique Clare carves out a musical landscape to get lost in. Driving rhythms collide with intricate cello lines and heart-tugging harmonies weave through compelling vocals. Her lyrics speak to the ruminations of her generation and dive deep into the universal experiences of love and loss. Live, Monique is mesmerising and cathartic. She draws listeners into her storytelling, sifting through the raw, the imperfect and the unspoken. Always seeking connection, she craves the rush of an intimately honest performance. From being a hired gun for world-class artists Kate Miller-Heidke, Eminem and Katie Noonan and accompanying legendary fiddle player Darol Anger, she’s absorbed a set of entirely divergent genres and approaches to music. Genre fluid, technically sublime and multifaceted, Monique Clare is a force to be reckoned with.