Northern Resonance



Northern Resonance is the scandinavian string trio that takes newly composed folk music into enormous soundscapes.

In the pursuit of innermost expression, the unique qualities of the nordic folk instruments viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa are combined. Northern Resonance is a meeting where the potential of the instruments and the boundaries of traditions are pushed to break new musical ground. With their previously untested combination of instruments they let well thought-through arrangements meet free improvisation in their own creative compositions that takes folk music in a new direction. In that niche, Northern Resonance find themselves at their ease. They are part of the new generation of inspired musicians paying homage to the music and dance traditions of the North, featuring great verve and fine musicianship.

With their debut album that was released in the autumn of 2020, Northern Resonance have already established themselves with a glorious sound. Fiddle instruments intertwine beautifully, run in tandem, and veer off into unexpected time signatures, all while successfully creating timeless and crystalline atmospheres with plenty of space and depth.