RAIA is a solo project by Portuguese musician António Bexiga [Tó-Zé Bexiga]. A sound journey around the latitudes of the viola campaniça, between tradition and experimentation with Iberian roots. The viola campaniça is one of the Portuguese violas. Campaniça means ‘from the countryside’, Campaniça region (Baixo Alentejo). Raia is the border line between Portugal and Spain, a cultural ecosystem with common dots on both sides.

António is alentejano (from Alentejo) and raiano (from the Raia region). He studied traditional repertoires and techniques but his work led him to explore the viola in many other music styles, from roots to experimental or electronics and soundscape.

He played and recorded his viola campaniça in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia, integrating different projects and directing several others, mixing his viola with other knowledge areas such as cuisine or carpentry, to name these two.
He is co-founder of the Identidades.net platform, was an editor for the magazine and was responsible for the Portuguese online songbook project.

António is co-founder of Cia Boa Companhia, a Portuguese artist collective and theatre company and the band Lusithanian Ghosts


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