As a rare acoustic instrument combination trio in Taiwan, SHUI HOU GU SHI consists of accordion (Chieh) , acoustic guitar (Meng Hsuan) and double bass (Dong Hee) . Our music is based on folk music but the arrangement contains an ambiance music concept. Male and female voices with accordion bring the European street scene. Double bass player Dong Hee who borned in Korea has been digging traditional Korea music, which brings the new view of Asian traditional sound.

World music like balkan gypsies music, south america and africa tribe music also affects our music creation.

The music career of SHUI HOU GU SHI started from the east coast of Taiwan, where pure music and free mind are full of life. With the experience, we had many choices to perform , cooperate and find different scenes and places with different people, and tried to create a special sound for the place we performed. With our acoustic instruments, we had been giving performance besides the wild sea, in the mountain cabin ,and somewhere like under the old broken bridge.

SHUI HOU GU SHI likes to play with other world music musicians such as musicians from Okinawa, tabla player, and gypsy music percussion player..etc.