The 5 members of the band Startijenn are as thick as thieves. Together, they create an uncompromising music, made of emblematic instruments from the Breton fest – noz scene and efficient rhythms. Sheer and lively, their sound fires straight. They break through the barriers restricting the scope of popular Breton music and stand up for their culture, bringing it onto the international scene.

The band is true to its root s and universally identifiable, feeding on the sweat and power of its dancing audiences. Startijenn’s unique journey demonstrates that music is all about fairness and perseverance. The band came up with successful records, several of them having been award ed as “Best Breton music album”. Alongside its numerous trips to the studio, Startijenn seeks confrontation and exchange.

On a regular basis, they invite artists of various backgrounds to join in, such as Sofiane Saidi, ‘The Prince of Raï 2.0’ who took par t in the El – TaQA project, or Cyril Atef, the wild and groovy drummer from the underground scene. From high school where they first met to the main stages of the festivals where they perform today, the band members now have a solid experience of more than 20 years.

The Breton guys took the lion’s share within the Folk and World music scene, touring over China, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain… Drawing their inspiration from their musical roots, they manag e to turn an age – old music into a modern, innovative and effective sound.

Tangi Le Gall – Carré : accordion
Lionel Le Page : binioù & uilleann – pipes
Tangi Oillo : guitar
Youenn Roue : bombard
Julien Stévenin : bass