Terra Spencer




Nova Scotian funeral director Terra Spencer discovered a love of writing sly storytelling songs while touring as a backing vocalist and lead guitarist with country artist Ryan Cook. Since her 2018 solo debut, Terra has won over audiences and critics in the Maritimes, Ontario, the UK, and Germany with her ease and humour, butterscotch voice, fingerstyle guitar, and gospel piano. Her songwriting has caught the attention of collaborators like Mike T. Kerr, Dave Gunning,and David Francey.
Terra recently followed up her acclaimed debut album Other People’s Lives with Chasing Rabbits, a self-produced collection of winter songs about long-distance love, motherhood, wildlife encounters, and places that feel like home. Randy Newman meets Bobbie Gentry meets Carole King; Terra puts a Canadian folk spin on your cool aunt’s basement record stash. “The real deal.” – Ron Sexsmith