The Langan Band


Unhinged and musically extravagant, The Langan Band are renowned an invigorating yet tight and precisely executed show. With a sense of abandonment for spontaneity and surprise, they always keep their audience on their toes. The band formed shortly after John Langan won the prestigious Danny Kyle Award for new artists at Celtic Connections, for his audacious, fresh and engaging rendition of a traditional song.

Flanked on one side by Caplin, a Hebridean classically trained violinist and a stalwart of the London prog and trad folk scenes, long bowed orchestral harmony passages combine with swashbuckling tunes. On the other side Tunstall, on double bass, uses sonorous bow technique in conjunction to create eerie soundscapes and pounding bass lines, locking with Langan’s foot – operated percussion and fiery rhythmic guitar to produce irresistible high energy, bouncy grooves, with beautifully subtle harmonies and vocals.

Progressive folk, jazz influences and world music combine to create a modern and exhilarating sound very much rooted in modern traditions. It’s hard to pigeonhole but is for certain brilliant musicianship, with catchy tunes and beautiful lyrics. Having toured Australia for the first time in 2020, the band are focusing on writing their new album, due for release in 2021. Festival bookings for 2020 have been rescheduled to 2021 and their album tour is being planned for Autumn 2021 with bookings into summer 2022.