William Crighton writes music that cuts to the bone. A brooding, dark and experimental Riverina kid, having gown up on the plains and in the snowy mountains, Crighton wears his country NSW influence on his sleeve. For the deep-voiced songwriter and intense live performer, there are no short cuts taken in his recorded or live music performances. From Thrashing punk rock to long folk tales Crighton is impossible to pigeon hole. His stories wrought of trees and roads and dust, love, beauty and tragedy soaked in the essence of this ancient continent.

William Crighton has released two studio albums through ABC/Universal to wide acclaim ‘William Crighton’ (2016) and Empire (2018). He has enjoyed sell out tours in his home country as well as appearances at many major festivals. His music has been featured in film and TV and he is continuing to build his dedicated fan base both in Australia and abroad.

“Even the squarest mind feels like they’re tripping” – Newcastle live “Uniquely penetrating storytelling” – Rolling Stone

“One in a lifetime a gig surpasses all expectations, slapping you in the face with its grace, majestic singing, the quality of the material, it demonstrated music’s power to stir the heart and soul. In my all-time top 10 that one” – Iain Shedden, The Australian

“International stardom beckons” – Evening Standard